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Gaurav Kaushal: A Remarkable Journey from IIT to UPSC and Beyond


Cracking the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) examination is a monumental achievement that marks the pinnacle of dedication and hard work. Today, we delve into the inspiring journey of Gaurav Kaushal, a shining example of determination and versatility. From acing competitive exams like UPSC Civil Services, IIT-JEE, and SSC CGLE to embarking on a career path less traveled, Gaurav Kaushal's story is a testament to the spirit of pursuing one's true calling.

Early Life and Education:

Gaurav Kaushal, a native of Haryana, began his educational journey in Panchkula. His academic prowess soon shone through as he embarked on a path that would take him to the most prestigious institutions in India.

  • IIT Delhi: After clearing the highly competitive Joint Entrance Examination (JEE), Kaushal earned a seat at the renowned IIT Delhi. However, his journey at this prestigious institute was destined to be brief.

  • A Twist in the Tale: After a year at IIT Delhi, Gaurav Kaushal made a bold decision. He realized that his true passion lay elsewhere, and he decided to explore new horizons.

  • BITS Pilani: Kaushal's quest for knowledge led him to BITS Pilani, where he pursued a B.Tech in Computer Science. Once again, he demonstrated the courage to follow his heart, even if it meant changing course.

  • Punjab Engineering College: The pursuit of knowledge didn't stop there. Gaurav Kaushal completed his B. Tech degree from Punjab Engineering College, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to his educational journey.

The UPSC Journey:

Gaurav Kaushal's relentless pursuit of excellence culminated in the UPSC Civil Services Examination of 2012. In this fiercely competitive exam, he achieved a remarkable feat by securing the 38th All India Rank (AIR).

  • Service to the Nation: His dedication led him to join the Indian Defence Estates Service (IDES). In this role, he was entrusted with significant responsibilities, including overseeing administrative tasks within the Cantonment Board and managing military land.

A Shift in Focus:

Despite a thriving career in the civil services, Gaurav Kaushal's story took an unexpected turn. Driven by a passion to empower and guide future UPSC aspirants, he decided to leave his 12-year employment with the government.

  • Mentoring Aspirants: Today, Gaurav Kaushal serves as a mentor and guide to UPSC hopefuls, sharing his invaluable insights and experiences. His journey from a successful civil servant to a mentor reflects his commitment to nurturing the aspirations of others.


Gaurav Kaushal's journey is a source of inspiration for all aspiring individuals. His relentless pursuit of knowledge, the courage to make unconventional choices, and the commitment to service are qualities that define a true role model. His story reminds us that success is not merely about achieving one's goals but also about staying true to one's passions and using that success to uplift others. Gaurav Kaushal's remarkable journey from IIT to UPSC and beyond continues to motivate and guide countless aspirants towards their dreams.

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