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Courses we offer

Early Bird Program

Do you have an interest in preparing for the IAS exam but don’t know where to start?

  • The early bird program is the perfect UPSC exam prep starting point.

  • It offers foundational knowledge over 3 weeks, covering all 14 subjects.

  • Students also learn newspaper reading techniques and optional subject selection.

  • Completing the course boosts confidence for the Civil Services journey.

Duration: 3 weeks - 18 classes

Marathon Program

Interested in preparing for the UPSC exam?

  • The Marathon program is exceptional, providing top-notch coaching at a budget-friendly price.

  • It comprehensively covers Prelims, Mains, Interview, Optional subjects, and CSAT.

  • Our "8 to 8" model encourages students to stay on our distraction-free campus for focused study.

  • Our campus boasts lush green surroundings, outdoor seating, modern air-conditioned classrooms, and a well-equipped library.

  • The program follows a residential model, offering both food and accommodation to minimize the need for students to leave the campus.

Duration: 12 Months

Catch Them Young

Are you a college student but want to kick-start your Civil Service preparation right away? 

  • Catch Them Young course is specially designed for undergraduates, introducing them to UPSC learning.

  • Weekend schedule allows students to balance college education alongside.

  • 8-month course from September to March, covering all UPSC subjects, with a focus on 5 core subjects.

  • After completion, students can take tests the next year and receive reading assignments until graduation to stay connected with the subjects.

Duration: 8 Months (70 Sessions)

Sprint Program

Need help brushing up for the prelims?

  • The Sprint program exclusively focuses on UPSC prelims.

  • It provides comprehensive coverage, including classes, reference materials, and exam strategies.

  • The program keeps students updated with evolving UPSC question patterns.

  • Weekly tests assess students' knowledge, and test discussions help reinforce their understanding.


Duration: 6 months (6 days a week)

Rapid Fire Program

Let's get rid of the fear of CSAT!

  • Special classes focus on Quants, Reasoning, and Comprehension.

  • These classes aim to eliminate fear and make CSAT enjoyable.

  • They also enhance your chances of scoring well on the CSAT paper.


Duration: 1 month (6 days a week)

Eye Opener Program

Are you in your final year of college and considering IAS preparation?

  • The Eye-Opener program is a 3-month course.

  • Specifically designed for final-semester students, providing clarity on UPSC preparation.

  • The course spans 3 months, offering an overview of UPSC subjects.

  • It focuses on the 5 core subjects: History, Geography, Polity, Economics, and Environment.

  • Additionally, it introduces students to the CSAT (Civil Services Aptitude Test).

Duration: 3 months - 24 classes (2 days a week)

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